My First Render

Here’s my first render (not actually, that was probably 25 years ago – but certainly my first in recent memory). This is something you might recognise if you’ve followed’s Complete Blender Creator 3.2: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners course. I’m really enjoying the course; the instructor teaches at a good pace, and I find it easy to follow along.

In this chapter you learn many basics, including creating and editing simple objects, material colours and reflections, working with modifiers, lighting, and of course rendering. I found the experience rewarding, having rediscovered my enjoyment for 3D modelling and design. Despite having spent the last 20+ years as a programmer, turned business owner, I’m a creative at heart, and am super excited to reignite my passion for all things 3D, and to see where it leads.

Next up is “Modular Dungeon”…